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From complete 'done-for-you' websites to smaller 'done-together' services, we've got a solution to suit your business.

We don't do "out of the box" packages, but rather - tailor our solutions to suit!

Solution 1 -
Done for you websites (where we do it all!).
Solution 2 -
Done together (we do some, you do some).

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Customer Focused Results


Do you have an existing website? Can you share with us some Analytics before we begin? Have you ever done any SEO Rank Reporting or Keyword Difficulty Analysis? It's a great way to get ahead of the competition!

The thing is... it's NOT ABOUT US. It's not even about you! Your new website must focus on the needs of *your* customers. In order to serve you best we also have to understand your customer's buying cycle.

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Thousands of Customers!


Since my first audio program in 2001, I've had the opportunity to train nearly half a million business owners across the globe with my videos, audios, e-books and seminars.

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Get a Website that Works; and Gets Customers, First Time, Fast!



  • For most people, building a website is a horrible experience. It’s painful, time consuming, and costly.
  • We’ve removed the roadblocks and the problems.
  • We listen to you, and learn from you.
  • We add 15 years digital marketing experience.
  • Then we create a marketing platform designed to generate more leads, more sales, and more business! Yes, it really is that simple!

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Video Transcript (for those who like to read)….

Since 2001, I’ve had the good fortune to serve thousands of small business owners all around the world, either helping them to build a website or helping them to build the website side of their business, through social media, search engine marketing, content management, videos, all areas of the online sphere.

I’m hoping that you will also contact me so I can help you do the same. As you look around though, I’d encourage you just to consider three different things, three very simple things that make the difference with a good and productive business website and one that isn’t. Those three things very simply are this.

Number one, it’s absolutely vital that your website be what’s called mobile responsive. Mobile responsive simply means that it responds according to the device and the screen size that the website is being viewed on. We have our laptops, we have our PCs, we have our tablets, and we have our phones. You see these days it’s all about the user experience and making things as easy as possible for our customers.

Number two, I also recommend that you plug yourself in with a website CMS, a content management system, one that allows for easy updates effortlessly. Now this simply means that you can come back to me and we can make those updates for you quickly, or it means if you want to learn, you can also do it yourself, and we’re happy to provide the training to make that possible.

Lastly number three, your website must be search engine ready. Search engine readiness isn’t just what we call search engine optimisation. It’s about having a good site structure. It’s about having appropriate internal links. It’s about having it set up and verified with the search engine so that when you add new content, that content is immediately indexed by the search engines and hopefully made available for your customers. Keeping in mind that search engine optimisation and search engine ready are two different things, here’s the point. You cannot do SEO unless your site is search engine ready.

Well, the good news is all the sites that we work on are meeting all three of those different things. They are mobile responsive, they are easily updatable, and yes they are search engine ready.

So if you’re ready now to find out more about how we can help you grow your business through your website, then simply hit the Contact Form, fill in the details and get in touch. Either myself or my project manager will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. And we look forward to it, helping you grow your online business.

Thank you for watching.

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"You only need TWO THINGS to be successful in life
A GREAT IDEA... and Someone to Help You Realise it!